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Volume 24, Issue 3 (Summer 2016)

Increased Engagement or Reduced Exhaustion: Which Accounts for the Effect of Job Resources on Salesperson Job Outcomes?
Lucy M. Matthews, Alex R. Zablah, Joe F. Hair and Greg W. Marshall

How Angry Customer Complaints Influence Salesperson Commitment to Service Quality
Kungpo Tao, Kiran Karande, and Aaron D. Arndt

Taking the Good with the Bad – Customer Type as a Segmentation Criterion and Differential Influencer of Sales Performance
Rachelle J. Shannahan, Kirby L. J. Shannahan, Alan J. Bush and William C. Moncrief

Positive Psychology in Sales: Integrating Psychological Capital
Scott B. Friend, Jeff S. Johnson, Fred Luthans and Ravi Sohi

The Effect of Individual Market Orientation on Sales Performance: An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Role of Formal and Informal Communication
Christine Jaushyuam Lai

Exploring the State of Salesperson Insecurity: How it Emerges and Why it Matters?
Nawar N. Chaker, David W. Schumann, Alex R. Zablah and Daniel J. Flint

Social Media in Large Sales Forces: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Sales Process Capability and Relationship Performance
Michael Rodriguez, Haya Aijan, and Robert M. Peterson

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