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Revised Submission

If you are afforded the opportunity to revise and resubmit a manuscript to the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, please follow the guidelines below. The guidelines are valid for all levels of revision (first, second, etc.) unless otherwise instructed by the Editor.

(1) Follow all instructions for manuscript preparation for Initial Submission as provided on this web site.

(2) In addition, you must prepare a set of detailed responses to each reviewer's comments. This must be handled in a systematic way. The best approach is to prepare a separate set of response sheets for each reviewer in which you list each comment followed by your response. In your responses, reference the specific location (page number/paragraph) in which you make modifications based on reviewer comments. If you do not agree with a reviewer's comment and thus do not make a requested change, you must provide a strong rationale for this in support of your position. Your Responses to Reviewers should be prepared in a non-antagonistic manner, even if you disagree with a particular suggestion by a reviewer.

(3) If the Editor has provided you with specific comments related to the revision, you must also prepare a set of detailed Responses to the Editor in a similar fashion to that described in (2) above.

(4) Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site. Please follow the instructions provided in your author center and Invitation to Revise e-mail.

ScholarOne technical support can be accessed at

(5) Revised manuscripts are sent back to the original reviewers for reassessment. In later rounds of revision, the Editor may make the final decision without additional reviewer input.

(6) It is the responsibility of the author(s) to complete invited manuscript revisions in a timely manner. The maximum time allowed for resubmission of an invited revision is six months from the date of the invitation to revise. Upon receiving an invitation to revise, the author(s) must indicate to the Editor by email ( within two weeks whether or not they intend to revise the manuscript for resubmission to JMTP.

All articles in JMTP have been subjected to a double-blind review. Duplication, reprint, or re-publication of any material in JMTP is prohibited without the written consent of Taylor and Francis Group.

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