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Reviewer Instructions

Utilize the JMTP Manuscript Evaluation Form to provide your ratings. Attach to it two separate documents, clearly labelled:

Comments to Author(s) - This should be a set of considerate and constructive evaluative comments for the author(s). Your comments should:

- Summarize your favorable or unfavorable reactions to the manuscript
- Identify the major strengths of the research
- Detail major limitations of the manuscript and indicate which of these you believe are uncorrectable
- List other problem areas (more minor in nature) that should be addressed
- Suggest how the author(s) can improve the quality and contribution of the manuscript

Comments to Editor - This should not simply be a duplicate cut/paste of the comments to authors! Instead, here you should provide your brief, summarizing, candid appraisal and recommendation for the manuscript. This communication will not be shared with the author(s).

Click on this link for the JMTP Manuscript Evaluation Form (MSWord).

All articles in JMTP have been subjected to a double-blind review. Duplication, reprint, or re-publication of any material in JMTP is prohibited without the written consent of Taylor and Francis Group.

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