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Volume 23 - 2015

Salesperson Lone Wolf Tendencies: The Roles of Social Comparison and Mentoring
in a Mediated Model of Performance
David A. Locander, Frankie J. Weinberg, Jay P. Mulki, and William B. Locander

Volume 22 - 2014

Extending the Extended Self in a Digital World
Jagdish N. Sheth and Michael R. Solomon

Volume 21 - 2013

An Experimental Examination of Equivalence Failures in Multicultural Comparative Research
F. Mark Case, John B. Ford, Edward Markowski, and Earl D. Honeycutt, Jr.

Volume 20 - 2012

Customer Engagement: Exploring Customer Relationships beyond Purchase
Shiri D. Vivek, Sharon E. Beatty, and Robert M. Morgan

Volume 19 - 2011

Investigating the Key Routes to Customer Delight
Donald C. Barnes, Nicole Ponder, and Kranti Dugar

Volume 18 - 2010

The Impact of Customers' Relational Models on Price-Based Defection
Velitchka D. Kaltcheva, Robert D. Winsor, and A. Parasuraman

Volume 17 - 2009

Examining the Impact of Service Quality: A Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence
François A. Carrillat, Fernando Jaramillo, and Jay Prakash Mulki

Volume 16 - 2008

Antecedents and Consequences of Frontline Service Employees: Commitment to Service Quality
Ayşe Banu Elmadağ, Alexander E. Ellinger, and George R. Franke

Volume 15 - 2007

Management of Marketing Research Projects: Does Delivery Method Matter Anymore
in Survey Research?
Catherine A. Roster, Robert D. Rogers, George C. Hozier, Jr., Kenneth G. Baker, and Gerald Albaum

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