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Life-Changing Structured Settlements – Be Informed!

Structured settlement is more commonly referred to as annuity – small amount of money paid in periods, usually every year – which is usually made as a compensation for the expenses involved in a lawsuit pertaining personal injury from an accident, or any circumstance. This can be considered as an income given for you after an agreement is made, where everything is negotiated before the case is closed. You, as the injured, will receive a stream of income which will be handled by a legal company of your choice and you, with your lawyer, are responsible for what happens next with the agreed annuity.

Some people, in the long run, choose to sell structured settlements via companies that accept such actions. Since structured settlements are paid and completed for a period of time or lifetime and not as a lump sum of money, there will come a time where you need a sum of money for your needs, such as, but not limited to, buying a house, down payment for a car, and paying of personal debts. Selling involves a negotiation and agreement to a company and the process differs in each company but most of the time it involves discussion of needs and value of structured settlement, gathering information with proper legal paperwork and documents, court process, and collection of money.

Many companies compete but you should definitely know how to choose the right one, Settle4Cash is a great place to start learning about the process. Two simple questions to guide you are: “What are your needs of selling your structured settlement?” and “Have you talked to a representative that explains both sides of selling your structured settlements?” To scrutinize a good and right company for your needs, the representative(s) of such company should be able to discuss with you all sides, both good and bad, of what happens after selling and not the one that pushes you to an agreement of selling your entire annuity directly. Let us take a quick peek at 3 renowned annuity buyers.

Firstly, J.G. Wentworth has been running for about 20 years now, and it is the most talked about company by people interested in selling their annuity. By scanning comments from sellers, we can see that they have good customer service, they talk about your needs and reasons for selling, they offer what you see, and they even accommodate you till the end of the process. One thing that takes them down is their very high prices that make you lose more than you need to receive. This might get you thinking that they are stealing from sellers.

Secondly, another buyer that rose against its competitors is Peachtree Settlement Funding that is also run the same with J.G. Wentworth. With seller’s experience, their comments have focused more on the services they offered. Their prices are a bit higher and you receive a lot more than other companies but they have poor customer service and sellers experience not receiving the offers they are expecting. These complaints are getting many in the long run and the company is doing their best to resolve the problems that the sellers are experiencing.

Lastly, rising with the other two companies is SenecaOne. They say SenecaOne is Your Trusted Source® making a good entrance for everybody, and indeed they offer good prices for your needs, too. By sellers’ experience, their customer service was very helpful and entertains to all you concerns. With good prices, coupons, and decent offers, they are more than a satisfactory buyer for you. The additional fees, however, is one thing to look at since you do not want more money to go to waste than being used for your benefit.

In the end, it is best to go with someone else – not alone – more preferably with an attorney or a professional financial planner, where they can help you with court processes, talking to the judge, and conclude with an agreement. These people will help you make little to no regrets after receiving your desired cash. Do not rush in to selling but take time to decide. As what most company say: It is your money, You choose how you want it!