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Dear Colleague:

The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice was created in 1993 to provide an outlet for quality scholarly research across a broad range of marketing subjects - with the important caveat that tying the work to managerial application is essential for publication. In 2005 a consortium was developed among the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA), M.E. Sharpe Publishers, and the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College, to acquire, publish, and edit the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

JMTP has continued to grow and flourish in recent years and is widely recognized now as a high quality outlet for managerially-oriented research in marketing. The journal is truly global in scope - many of our published articles originate with author teams outside the U.S. and our editorial board is populated with scholars from throughout the globe. As we enter the third decade since the founding of JMTP, I want to warmly invite you to submit your manuscripts to us for review. Instructions for submission are included on this website. Be sure you follow our style guidelines - papers must be in JMTP style in order to be placed into review.

Thank you in advance for your support of the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Greg Marshall, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Greg W. Marshall, Editor-in-Chief

Rollins College
Crummer Graduate School of Business
Karen Flaherty, Managing Editor of the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Karen E. Flaherty, Managing Editor

Oklahoma State University
Spears School of Business

JMTP Recommendations

"Over the last decade, JMTP has established itself as a credible, quality-oriented, mainstream marketing journal. I encourage marketing faculty and others to strongly consider it as a publishing outlet for quality research. It belongs in every collection."

- Professor Shelby D. Hunt, Texas Tech University

"Academia often has a narrow view of what journals count. This is unfortunate given that high quality work appears in other outlets. Specifically, JMTP with its focus on relevance and substance, is worth serious consideration by authors as well as reading by both academics and practitioners."

- Professor Donald Lehmann, Columbia University

"The Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) is extremely proud to partner with Taylor & Francis to fill a substantial void in marketing journals. We are delighted that JMTP, with its linkage of theory and practice and focus on managerial applications, has been enthusiastically received. Our membership of marketing scholars worldwide is pleased to support an endeavor that provides a platform for disseminating quality papers focusing on applied marketing management issues."

- Professor Joseph F. Hair, University of South Alabama, SMA Board of Governors

All articles in JMTP have been subjected to a double-blind review. Duplication, reprint, or re-publication of any material in JMTP is prohibited without the written consent of Taylor and Francis Group.

ISSN: 1069-6679